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Deloitte 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey


25-05-2023 | By Brandon Yeo, MD, ETC

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According to a recent comprehensive study and survey conducted and published by Deloitte on Gen Z and Millennials, there were many interesting statistics that addresses the areas that employers are concerned and curious about. Afterall, Gen Z and Millennials make up (if not, soon) the majority of our workforce. In some smaller organizations, the entire company is made up of workers in this composite.

We get asked and discussed with employers frequently, ever since the loosening of safe-distancing measures, if it is viable to get workers back to office full time. The answers may sit in this survey.

77% of Gen Zs and 75% of Millennials (more than three quarters) would consider looking for a new role if asked to work in office full time from a hybrid/remote role, and about 1 in 6 would immediately look for a new role. It is quite clear that hybrid/remote work has brought about efficiencies and workarounds with the help of technology. 10 years ago, such a trend might be unthinkable for many. The discussion of hybrid/remote work came at a time when tools and resources are mature enough to support the needs of business communications. That laid the foundation for the next ingredient of change to take place i.e. mindsets.

Change is imminent, but never undermine the adverse effects that forced changes bring. We advocate constant engagements with employees to know what they are thinking, understand the thresholds for change and allow change to take place in a consulted manner.

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