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Announcement: Our Rebranding Story

The Journey Continues…


01-05-2023 | By Corporate Dev. Team

Dear readers,

We are excited to announce Qood Talent has undergone a major transformation – we have changed our name to Eight Talons Consulting with effect from 1st May 2023 and undergone a comprehensive rebranding process! In this blog post, we would like to share with you the key highlights of this change, and what you can expect from our new brand.

Firstly, you might be wondering why we decided to undergo a rebranding process. Well, we felt that our old brand and name did not fully reflect the consulting nature and what we stand for as a company. We wanted to better communicate our commitment to providing exceptional employment services to both job seekers and employers, whilst stemming the belief for all associated with Eight Talons Consulting of limitless possibilities and potential.

Our new brand represents a fresh start for us, and we believe it will resonate with our audience in a meaningful way. Our new identity is inspired by our values of integrity, inclusivity, and innovation, and is reflective of our commitment to helping our customers achieve their career goals.

But how did we choose our new company name and identity? Beyond the numerical ‘8’, it signifies an upright infinity sign that reiterates our values of integrity and boundless possibilities with the innovation we seek and adopt in our line of work. Talons are large, hooked claws of an eagle, a symbolic animal that represents strength, power, and prowess. Eagles use their talons to catch and grip their prey, and they are often associated with agility, precision, and fearlessness. We want a representation of strong, skilled, and capability of delivering results in our new company name.

In addition to strength and power, talons also represent a sense of focus and determination. Eagles have incredible eyesight and are able to hone in on their target with incredible precision, the same commitment we have in assisting job seekers and employers to find their perfect match. And certainly, how this word sounds, it uncannily matches the nature of people we work with daily – talents.

So, what’s different about our company now? While our commitment to providing excellent employment services remains the same, our new brand has allowed us to streamline our operations, improve our customer experience, and introduce new services to better meet the needs of our customers down this new journey.

You, as our customers, can expect the same high level of service and dedication from our team but with a renewed focus on delivering innovative and customized employment solutions that meet your unique needs.

Our Logo

Eight Talons New Logo

One of the key elements of our rebranding exercise is our new logo, which features an upright numeral ‘8’ that symbolizes an infinity sign. This is a deliberate choice, as it represents our values of integrity, inclusivity, and innovation. We believe that these values are critical in the recruitment industry, and we’re proud to embody them in everything we do.

Our decision to keep the same corporate colours is another important aspect of our rebranding exercise. We wanted to maintain a sense of continuity with our old brand while also signalling that we’re moving forward with a fresh perspective. By choosing a more professional font for our logo, we aim to convey our commitment to excellence and quality in our work.

Our Website

Eight Talons Website on Desktop and Mobile

As part of our rebranding exercise, we’re excited to unveil our new website! Our team has worked hard to create a sleek, user-friendly design that reflects our values of integrity, inclusivity, and innovation.

One of the key features of our new website is its ease of use. We wanted to ensure that our clients, candidates, and anyone visiting our site can quickly find the information they need. To that end, we’ve created dedicated tabs for employers, job seekers, and aspiring individuals who are interested in joining our team. Whether you’re looking for information on the functions we support, the opportunities we represent, or our company culture, you’ll be able to find it easily on our website.

We’ve also included a blog section on our website, where we’ll be sharing our insights and opinions on the recruitment industry. We believe that it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in our field, and we want to share that knowledge with our clients and candidates. Whether you’re a job seeker, an employer, or just someone who’s interested in the recruitment industry, we hope that you’ll find our blog posts informative and engaging.

Of course, we’ve also incorporated our corporate colours into the design of our website. We believe that our colours are an important part of our brand identity, and we wanted to make sure that they were represented in a tasteful and professional way.

Overall, we’re incredibly proud of our new website and we hope that you’ll find it easy to use and informative. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and provide the best possible experience for our clients and candidates, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you!

Our Commitment

With this rebrand, we continuously seek to bring in dedicated individuals who are aligned with our vision to deliver high-quality service and value to our clients and job seekers. Above all, we will work tirelessly to bring about innovation and explore new ideas and trends to shape the future of work and transform the human capital industry toward higher efficiency and productivity through a high-touch, high-tech approach.

Our Final Words

We are thrilled about our new brand, and we hope that you will be too. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you under our new name and identity!

Please contact us here if you have any business opportunities or are seeking jobs.

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